Family Friendly Boat Flooring

Captain's Choice marine vinyl flooring is the most durable choice for families with children and pets on their boats.  The more you use your boat, the more it accumulates dirt quickly.  You need a flooring that's easy to clean quickly, one that won’t trap dirt and moisture yet still give you the comfort your kids and pets deserve.  With so many options, it’s hard to know which one is the right choice for you and your family.  Captain's Choice marine flooring will meet and exceed your expectations all while keeping you in style.  For its ability to perform under the most extreme conditions, Captain's Choice has been the choice of many boaters through the years.  It will stand up to any test and prove to be your favorite boat vinyl flooring.

Family Boating With New Marine Vinyl FLooring

Long Lasting

People have been longing for a truly versatile boat flooring solution for a while, especially those with small children and pets.  Redoing your boat flooring is the second most expensive repair on your boat and we know most don’t have the extra money to keep replacing the same boat carpet option.  This is where Captain's Choice comes in.  This flooring will last years, not months, well longer than other carpet flooring options.  But Why?  Woven vinyl is absolutely stain resistant and fade free.  This means you can take your family out on the lake without worrying about cleaning up every spill or pee stain when it happens.  This marine vinyl flooring will be looking good from the time it’s installed until it’s time for you to change the color of the flooring, well past changing the seating upholstery. 

Slip Resistance

Captain's Choice Marine Vinyl flooring has a great feel underfoot when it's dry or when it's wet.  You will have great grip either barefoot or with shoes on.  This is vital when you run into the wake of another bat.  Your kids will be able to keep surefooted, especially in rough waters which allows for them to stay on the boat instead of ending up in the water.  Pets will have a great time on the water also.  Our furry kids need to be able to grip with their nails when things get choppy.  Marine vinyl flooring will give them that extra traction they need without them damaging the floor.  You really need marine vinyl if bringing the elderly, who are still young at heart out on the lake.  It's just the right flooring for the family all the way around.

Aesthetic Value

Stepping Out Luxury Woven Marine Vinyl Flooring

With our 32 colors to choose from, we have the color to match your boat and interior upholstery perfectly.  No settling for a color that just looks ok.  You can have a great looking boat with the latest design trends and color options.  Your boat will surely look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.  Our collections come in teak wood look, solid colors, and our latest new woven patterns.  

So if you are looking for a new flooring for your boat, look no further.  We are here and available to answer all your questions to make ordering a breeze and get your flooring to you faster than any other company out there today. 

Captain's Choice Marine Vinyl flooring should be your first and last option when redoing your boat's flooring.  Our legacy speaks for itself.  People nationwide and worldwide have used and love our flooring.

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