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Luxury Woven Vinyl Area Rugs and Mats

Rug Binding Room Scene
Woven vinyl makes for excellent indoor/outdoor rugs.  When you buy a carpeted rug and leave it out in the elements for one summer it starts fading and falling apart.  That is because carpet is not meant to be outdoors.  The fibers are not strong enough to hold up against the sun and the elements.  Carpet and rug manufacturers have generated huge profits from people in the production of these rugs.  You can get a variety of colors, patterns, etc.  But with today's technology, there are more economical and durable options available.  Vinyl can now be manufactured in such a way as to be sewn or woven in different ways to make beautiful patterns.  We call this luxury woven vinyl.  It is fade resistant in the sun and easy to clean, making for a perfect outdoor rug.  Woven vinyl is traditionally used on boats of all sorts as permanent flooring.  In fact, it is becoming the most popular option for boaters over carpet.  As stated before, carpet is not cut out to stand against water and sun and boat owners know it all too well.

Pets? No Problem!

If you have pets, choosing woven vinyl is a no brainer.  Removing dog or cat hair is as easy as sweeping it with a broom.  Put a rug pad underneath and accidents are no problem for any floor.  There aren’t any pores to absorb liquids so they run straight through.  This goes for an outside porch as well.  It can get wet but it will dry quickly.   You won’t have that wet carpet feel like a traditional rug.  Kids fruit drink and wine are no longer an issue when spilled.  No rushing for towels and cleaning agents.  Just a quick wipe and it's done.


Edge Options

Rug Binding Edge

With a variety of ways to do the edges, you can get the look that suits you the best.

The Euro Edge is where you fold the top back around and glue it to itself.  This gives the edge a really clean look.

The Straight Edge is just cut with no binding or folding.  Woven vinyl doesn’t come unraveled so you can cut it where you want for a custom look.  It's great to go around hot tubs, pools, etc.  The sky's the limit.  

The Binded Edge has a binding that goes around the entire outside of it like a normal area rug.  This gives it the normal rug look.

Woven Vinyl Rug Uses

Captain's Choice Marine Vinyl has 32 colors to choose from to suit anyone's taste and budget.  It will surely pay for itself in just a year compared to buying and throwing a carpeted one away after the first time people come to visit.  It's not just for boats and indoor/outdoor rugs.  It’s great for RVs as well.  Whether it's the flooring or just a rug to sit outside when you're parked.  These mats will be the envy of all your friends.  

These mats are great grill mats as well.  Catch all the grease, ashes, and sauces that accompany the grill master at your home.  Great gift ideas for those grill masters in the family.

You can use them in the garage to park your vehicle that leaks fluids.  Easy to clean with whatever cleaner you wish to use.  Keep that garage floor looking its best all the time.  Comfortable to walk, lay, or kneel on, these mats are great for the do-it-yourself mechanic as well. It can even be used as a truck bed mat.  The possibilities are endless as it can be used anywhere as a covering or decoration.

Binding Rug Full Size

So give Captain's Choice Marine Vinyl a try for your next project and see for yourself why woven vinyl is the best choice.  Sizing is a breeze as well.  Captain's Choice carries all the typical sizes, 3” x 5”, 4” x 6”, 5” x 8”, 6” x 9”, but it can be customized up to sizes from 8.5’ x whatever length you desire.