American Made Marine Vinyl Flooring

There was a time when American's cared about where products were made, who made them, and how they were made.  The foreign manufacturing market has grown and grown throughout the years, mainly because of the lower price tag as opposed to American made products.  But what if you could get an American made product for the same price, or better yet, at a lower price?  Look no further.  As we have continually stated, our marine woven vinyl flooring is made in the USA using the highest quality material and the good ol' American workforce, at a price that's lower than the imported woven vinyl.  This poses the question, where is the competition's boat flooring made?

Before and After Boat With Luxury Woven Vinyl


Woven Vinyl Fabric

Woven vinyl fabrics have been used for a long time in a wide variety of different
products.  All woven vinyl fabrics start with a vinyl yarn and incorporates this yarn using conventual looms to weave the patterns into the fabrics.  This process takes time and resources that can all be sourced right here in America but most marine flooring suppliers take the cheaper road and have materials imported from China and other foreign countries.  But Captains Choice has chosen the path less traveled and taken materials made here in America, and assembled them here in America.  But why buy American made?

Human Rights

Here in America, we care about our citizens.  We care about our children.  Not to say other countries don't, but there's something about out standard here in the USA that puts us above other countries when it comes to human right.  These rights and laws that are sometimes taken for granted include the right to fair wages, the right to safe working conditions, child labor laws, worker laws, environmental regulations, transparent corporate behavior as well as ethical practices and procedures.  When taken at face value, it doesn't seem like much, but when these rights and laws are diminished or undermined as they are in foreign manufacturing facilities, people get hurt, children get exploited, and  others don't make enough to survive.  By buying American made marine vinyl flooring, you are taking a stand against human rights violations AND supporting your fellow Americans.  

The Economy

America has the largest and most robust economy in all the world, and most would like to keep it that way.  Buying boat flooring products keeps the money in America which circulates throughout the country, bringing more and better jobs, all while keeping foreign competition in 2nd place.  A larger economy means better streets, better school systems, better healthcare, more tax breaks, more income and more.  Captains Choice Marine Vinyl Flooring supports our economy by keeping our manufacturing local, using a skilled workforce in a concentrated area that wouldn't otherwise see employment.  Our USA made luxury woven vinyl is shipped to our facility here in Georgia where we use our machines, and our American workers to apply durable 3/8" premium felt backing.  Keep buying American, keep building our economy and not another country's.

 Quality and The Pride That Comes With It

Made In USA Logo

When our competitors source imported marine flooring, they are trying to bring a cheaper product to the market.  But that's exactly what it  There's nothing better than American Made.  Our quality here is light years away from any other country.  Our country is founded on a long line of manufacturing workers with age-old skills and trades that are passed down through generations.  As the saying goes, anything worth doing once is worth doing right.  Americans put their heart and souls in their job.  We are proud to go to work, put food on the table, bring home something extra for the wife and kids, then do it all over again.   It's that pride of accomplishment that fuels the desire to out 110% in every hour at the job.

This is enough information to make it worth while to buy Captains Choice.  And even though we do make and assemble marine vinyl here, our prices are still competitive and most times better than other suppliers.  Its worth getting a free sample to compare our product to every else.  When you buy Captains Choice, you're not just buying USA woven vinyl, you're supporting our country, our work force, our patriotism.