Best Time to Change your Flooring

2 Best Times To Change Boat Flooring

When is the best time to change the flooring out on a boat?  There are two times a year that are best; when boats are pulled off the water for the season and before the start of the season at the beginning of the year.  There's a lot of preparation that has to go into this before deciding when to do it.

Boat Upholstery

First, find the right person to install the flooring. It can be a DIY (do-it-yourselfer) project, if there’s time and enough skill set involved to do it.  Some people have the skill but can’t find the time.  Does the interior upholstery need to be changed out with the flooring or is the flooring color being changed to match the interior?  Is the color scheme changing completely?  Do you match your current flooring color or match your interior?  Since this flooring will be down for 10 or more years, taking time to answer these is important.

Start Early

Stepping Out Marine Woven Vinyl Flooring

There’s usually only one boat upholsterer in town, so shops get booked up for months before the end of the season and before the start of the season.  It’s crucial to call ahead and schedule a time.  Check the availability of the colors before starting.  Grey has been extremely popular, most likely due to its ability to correspond with any other color.  Browns are always in style and probably always will be.  Brown colors hide dirt and debris really well, so families with children and pets can benefit from this.  A good idea is to spend some time looking at new boats and seeing the current trends and designs.  Installing new woven vinyl flooring from Captain's Choice Marine Vinyl is a step in the right direction.   The Captain has all the right colors and plenty of inventory, any time of year.

marine vinyl flooring  marine vinyl flooring  

Pros and Cons

So the colors are chosen, the material is in hand, and the local shop is lined up.  At the end of the year, depending upon the state, boats must be winterized, and at the beginning of the year, boats have to be cleaned.  It shouldn't be near as hard as before with everything being so new, but there will be some.  Should be a good time to get them to work on your bimini top and storage cover as well.  But it still feels crazy to have all the work done and have to wait months to enjoy it, but you will beat the rush before the season and won't miss out on those first days to months waiting for it to be done.  But if you do get it done at the end of the year you can stay ahead of any issues that arise. 


The life and time we live in now something is going to take longer to get in than expected.  You may have to make color changes or something.  These problems at the beginning of the year will make you make a rash decision.  At the end of the season you will have time to decide and make changes, but at the beginning of the season you will have to hurry up and that could cost you.  Always better to be prepared and have time to make changes to your plan incase of problems.

So you can see, there is really not a better  time to do it, it just depends on your specific needs.  Hopefully this article helps you decide on everything you need to decide on before you start your project.  As always if you have any questions or concerns feel free to call us and speak to one of our trained professionals.  We are always happy to speak to our customers and help them navigate to getting you the right color at the right price.  Look for our sale specials as well.  Might help you decide on colors easier as well.

So check out our website and give us a call.  Get your samples ordered and you will be on your way to having the best looking boat out on the water.