Where can I buy vinyl marine flooring?

Most reputable upholstery shops and online marine vinyl flooring companies such as captains choice.

How do I install marine vinyl?

Doing a full pontoon boat is a little different than a carpet kit for a bow rider type boat. With pontoons, you have to remove everything and get the flooring in order then you will glue down the vinyl. Carpet kits will need to have binding around the edge after cut and snaps applied or glued down as well.  See complete installation instructions here.

How do I clean marine vinyl?

Really any cleaner that will work on vinyl will work with Captains Choice. A pressure washer can be used but don't get close enough to cut the fibers. Remember they will cut concrete. Use a mild detergent and scrub on with a soft brush then use a water hose to rinse. A stiff brush can be used if needed.

Which vinyl flooring is the best for marine use?

Woven vinyl is much stronger and breathes better than the solid vinyl. Its more cool to walk on as well. Both types will hold up to marine use though.

What adhesive needs to be used for woven vinyl flooring?

We recommend any marine indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive for our product. It can be in spray or paste form.  With a paste form, you can use a roller or the trowel method.  For full installation instructions, click here.

How hot does woven vinyl flooring get?

All floorings get hot in the direct sunlight unfortunately. But in Captains Choice, we use a high density felt backing that helps tremendously with heat dissipation. A Lot of our competitors use a foam backing or a thin felt that actually makes the heat worse.

Does woven vinyl boat flooring clean well?

The answer to that is YES. Due to being PVC coated, it doesn’t stain or fade. A mild detergent and a water hose will do most all cleaning. A pressure washer can be used but don't get close enough to cut the fibers.  Remember, marine vinyl is a fiber and is not indestructible.