Marine Flooring Color Trends

Changing With The Times

There are always new trends in colors and color combinations every year.  Whether it is for your boat, home, rv, etc. You name it, and it changes.  It always seems like it changes right after you make a purchase, or that could just be me.  How do you stay on top of the new colors?  Well it will take a large amount of time to find that answer.  Not only do you have to spend countless hours on the internet looking at all the websites, finding out what colors are available for your floor and upholstery, but you also have to spend the time going to the boat dealers and seeing what is new as well.

Boat Interior

Custom shops can also be a great guide.  People always have something special they want done and make it look great.  I would check with several local custom shops and get them to show you pictures of some recent as well as vintage pictures of what they have done.  Sometimes the past comes back in style.  Grey and beige seem to always be the go to.  While the bright colors make a huge statement if you want to stand out.

Geo Marine Woven Vinyl Flooring

Thats where we got the inspiration to create the Geo and Forest line.  These colors give you some character that will stand out while some you can tone down.  Marine vinyl has come a long way since pontoon boats first came on the scene.  With our teak wood look line, we achieve the look of a real teak hardwood without the hassle of taking care of one.  Captain's Choice Marine Vinyl has the look, color, and feel that anyone would want.  Our design team is top notch and on top of the latest color trends for marine vinyl flooring for pontoons.  


Home Décor websites like Pinterest and Home and Garden is a great place to start the search for the hottest color trends.  Incorporate ideas from those sites to your boat.  Normally, trends start on the west coast and work their way across the country.  Just Googling “pontoon marine vinyl images” will give you countless possibilities on color options.  We keep our selections easy and on point.  And with 32 colors to choose from, the flooring will probably be the easiest choice to make.  Matching your seats to the marine vinyl will probably be the most difficult task when renovating. 


Keep home decor in mind when doing so.  You wouldn’t try to exactly match your home flooring color to your cabinet color.  Or you wouldn’t match your furniture colors to your wall paint color.  The same principle applies with boat flooring and seats.  Seats can have up to 5 coordinating colors.  It all depends on how much you want to spend of course.  Always keep in mind who you plan to have on your boat.  Kids will always need a little darker color to help hide some of the happy little accidents they bring.  The good news; you won't have to worry about kids or dogs leaving stains on Captain's Choice Marine Flooring.  It's stain resistant and will look good for years to come.  Pets will love the flooring as well since its soft and cool to the touch.


Then to finish it all off is your bimini top.  You can have a solid color and mix and match like your seats.  Tons of o​​ptions on that as well.  I would get a woven vinyl bimini top for the excellent fade resistance and easy to clean.  Most bimini tops fade within the first few years making it look old and taking away from your new flooring and upholstery.  Marine woven vinyl doesn't shrink or expand in the cold and heat as well.  It’s always easy to fold up and get the zipper closed without fighting it.  We have a few colors available now and working on a few more later.  This will be the future of bimini tops as well as any other area that you would use a canvas material.  You can get seat covers for the winter to color coordinate with your flooring or a full cover.  

So get out there and start looking at what is available and start planning ahead. Take your time and find the right products, and shops, to make your boat the boat of your dreams.  With our marine flooring you will be using it for years without changing the flooring.  So don't rush into it.  Ask friends and family their thoughts as well.  You never know when your 5th grader has a great idea about colors, or that one aunt/uncle that is a artist.  Home designers would be good if you know one as well.  

So hopefully this article helps you some in your decision making of matching colors on your boat.  We have some pictures here on our website, facebook, and instagram page for you to check out as well.  When our customers send them to us we like to post them to help you make up your mind.  You can always call us if you have any questions as well.    

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