Why Choose Marine Woven Vinyl Instead of Boat Carpet

Stain Resistant and Durable


Marine Luxury Woven Vinyl

Marine vinyl flooring is just a better choice than boat carpet.  Carpet stains, fades, is hot in the sun, and takes forever to dry.  Red juice and wines are a menace to carpet.  Imagine spending a bunch of money on redoing the carpet on your boat.  It looks great, and you’re taking the family and friends out on the lake to enjoy the fresh looking boat at the beginning of the season. Soon after setting sail, some waves come by, and the unsuspecting wife/kid spills their wine/fruit punch drink.  You will have to enjoy that stain till it is time to redo the flooring again in about 4 years, if you take really good care of it.  Now imagine that same trip with woven vinyl flooring from Captains Choice. The waves hit, drinks go flying out of hands and you reach over with that bottle of water and wash it away and keep boating. Juices and wines will not stain marine vinyl like marine carpet because cleaning marine vinyl flooring is easy.  Now over the next decade your marine vinyl floor will look like the day you started on that trip.  This is due to our quality.  Our products are 100% Made in the USA.

Marine Vinyl Flooring On Boat

Not only will your boat decking get wet from the water you are in, but also from rain that comes in early spring.  Boat carpeting is waterproof and does hold up well against water, but it also holds moisture all day long.  Now everything that touches it will get wet; bags, towels, clothes, everything.  Marine vinyl is not only waterproof, but actually repels the water.  A few minutes in the sun, and the vinyl flooring is dry to the touch and pleasant to stand on.  That's why we are confident that Captains Choice is a family friendly boat floor


You have to think about resale value as well.  When you go to sell your boat with Captains Choice luxury woven vinyl, the flooring is still in immaculate condition unlike boat carpet.  This helps hold value in the boat.  Not many people want to buy a boat and first replace the flooring.  Installation can be time consuming and expensive.  People will look at that old faded stained carpet and know they are going to have to spend a lot of money and downtime right out of the gate.  The less work a potential buyer has to do, the better.  

Geo Marine Vinyl Flooring
Geo Marine Vinyl Flooring

And marine vinyl is more appealing to the eye.  With various shades and colors, you are sure to find something that will match your seat fabric.  Luxury marine vinyl is made using a basket weave technique, bringing you a different design that has the look and feel of luxury without the luxury price.  We are even proud to offer a faux teak wood look that captivates the eye.


Lastly, if the first two weren’t enough already, go stand on boat carpeting that's been out in the sun and then go stand on some of our marine flooring.  There’s probably a 15 degree or more temperature difference between the two.  Captain's Choice marine flooring doesn’t absorb and hold heat like carpet does.  Hot carpet is rough on your kids, pets, and everyone else’s feet.  Now you have to wear shoes the whole time you're standing on the boat.  That will take some fun out of your sails on hot days. 

So between durability, looks, and comfort, Captains Choice Flooring is the only flooring option that you can depend on for the long game.  We are a family owned and operated business with all products made in America, right here in the good ol USA.  Not just assembled here…Made here.

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